The Best Kindling for Starting a Fire

The Best Kindling for Starting a Fire

Have you ever been camping and found it difficult to start your campfire while the campers next to you started theirs with ease within a few minutes? The firewood that can be found easily near campsites is often moist, which makes it difficult for it to catch a flame at times, but what about when you’re at home? Starting a fire at home in dry conditions can also be difficult for some because large pieces of wood don’t catch very easily. The answer to starting a good fire anywhere includes using tinder, kindling, and large pieces of wood to generate the heat.

Most people generally use some type of tinder to start their fire such as newspaper or dry grass, and the main firewood isn’t a hard thing to choose; but what about kindling? Kindling is the small pieces of wood that catch fire from the tinder to build the foundation for the main firewood.

What are the best types of kindling for starting a fire?

The best types of kindling are always small, dry sticks that can be arranged in a way that promotes good burning conditions. The ideal kindling is a type of soft wood such as:

  • Pine
  • Fir
  • Cedar

These are known to dry quickly and catch fire easily.

Any type of small stick can be used as kindling as long as it’s very dry. Make a point of collecting sticks from the ground at a park or in your backyard, and allow them to dry so you have a large collection of free kindling.