Pellet Stoves


Arizona residents are always looking for new, more economic sources of heat as each winter approaches. The cities in the northern area of Arizona, such as Flagstaff, experience winter temperatures which can be as low as the teen degrees. Most home owners will not debate the fact that the cost of using their home heating systems are beyond expensive. Many of those whom live in Arizona will put their fireplace to good use, but it will generally only heat a small area within a single room. Space heaters become a good option, although there is a good chance that they will start a fire. Pellet stoves are a great option to thoroughly heat a home with an incredibly decreased risk of starting a fire.

How a Pellet Stove Works

Pellet stoves work quite similarly to a common home heating system. They generally run on a thermostat which allows users to control the temperature and the amount of heat that the pellet stove circulates throughout the house. They require an exhaust pipe which may be constructed on the inside of the walls in a house. Pellet stoves may also be mounted in place of a fireplace in homes that already had them, in which the exhaust vent may be built within the chimney to eliminate the need of building new structures. Pellet stoves may be fueled by many different combustible materials, but users should use simple wood pellets to run the device.

You may be a bit weary of the cleaning process due to the fact that pellet stoves burn wood pellets to generate heat. Many sources state that they produce very little ash, and may be cleaned with ease through the use of inexpensive cleaning kits which the product manufacturer will offer. Pellet stoves will not only keep your living space comfortably warm, they will also save you hundreds of dollars on your electric bill over the course of the cooler months of the year. Contact Arizona Fireplaces if you are interested in purchasing an attractive and efficient source of heat during the winter months for your home in Arizona.



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