Iron Strike Striker Wood Burning StoveStoves are a great option for those looking for high heat and ulitmate efficiency. Available in wood, pellet, and gas fuel types, stoves offer a rustic feel to your enclosed space. Most stoves even have a viewing window, so the user can enjoy the look of the fire and watch the burn. In the past, stoves were criticized for their emissions and pollution, however recent technologies have made these up to 99.9% efficient and clean-burning.

Compared to most conventional fireplaces and open fires, stoves offer greater efficiency and much greater temperature control. This contained combustion also prevents air from the room from being sucked up into the chimney, resulting in greater heat loss. Many stoves now even use a catalytic converter (similar to the one on your automobile) to burn off any remaining gas and smoke particles. All in all stoves are a great option for those in colder climates looking to heat their space efficiently, and maintain a rustic feel in their home.

Gas Stoves

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Iron Strike Striker Wood Burning Stove