Blue Pine Split Gas Logs

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Blue Pine Split Gas Logs

Blue Pine Split Gas Logs – Deep from within the Norther Arizona Forest is where the story of the Blue Pine Split begins. Blue Pine is a traditional Arizona Pine full of vegetation and covering the hills and the valleys of the Northern Arizona forest. The Blue Pine gets its name for the infestation of bark beetles that have scavenged the area and reach clear up to Utah and the Rocky Mountains.

Bark Beetles enter the pine under the bark laying eggs and introducing blue stain fungus into the sap of the tree. The blue strain fungus prevents the tree from repelling the beetles as well as blocking water and other important nutrients from being transported throughout the tree. The combination of the larva feeding on the tree and the fungus blocking key nutrients, the tree dies off within a few weeks.

Where this story takes a turn is the effect the fungus has on heart wood. The fungus is transported through the sap of the tree leaving dark grey streaks through the heart wood. Stretching from top to bottom and all through the wood the grey fungus stains the wood leaving a lifelong lasting impression. The detail and characteristics of the stained wood have caused furniture and cabined makers to sharpen their axes, building everything from kitchen cabinets to bedroom furniture. lnfact every dead tree that a cabinet maker cuts down means that one less live tree is used for furniture and lumber.

Log hunters scavenged the forest for hours and hours cutting down dead trees and splitting wood until finding the perfect split logs. It’s been said that our log hunter splits 1000 stumps before finding the perfect logs to cast and put in your fireplace today. The Blue Pine Split is available in sizes 18″ 24″ & 30″. Carefully examine the front and back logs of each set as they are a perfect match for the stump that they were split from.

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