Indoor Electric Traditional Fireplaces

Dimplex MultiFire XD Traditional Electric Fireplace

Indoor Electric Traditional Fireplaces

Indoor Electric Traditional Fireplaces - If you want to stay warm and save money this year, an electric fireplace is an excellent choice. These fireplaces offer the perfect combination of energy efficiency and warmth, and are generally cheaper than their wood burning counterparts.

Aside from the cost savings you can expect to receive, indoor electric tradtional fireplaces have many other advantages. An absent fire means you won’t have to deal with cleanup or maintenance duties; these fireplaces can essentially be installed and left alone, although you will still want to perform annual inspections to make sure everything is functioning properly.


Napoleon Woodland Electric Logs

• Hand Painted Resin Electric Log Set

• Flame/Heat Adjustment

• Can be Hardwired or Plugged (120v)

• LED Lights

• Safe to Touch

• Remote Control Option


Dimplex BF

• LED Pulsating Logs

• Brick Refractory Interior Lining

• Direct Wire (120v/208v/240v available)

• Optional Glass, Door & Trim Kits Available

• Firebox with Logs


Dimplex MultiFire XD

• Full-View Clean Design

• On-Screen Display

• Diamond-like Acrylic Glass or Log media

• Large Unobstructed Viewing Area

• Multi-function Remote Control

• High Efficiency Heating System


Dimplex Revillusion

• Life-like Flames

• Thru-View Full Depth Design

• Realistic Glowing Logs

• Full Brick Interior

• Realistic Mood Lighting

• Red or Blue Flame Adjustment