How To Create The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen Fire Pit Area

How To Create The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen Fire Pit Area

Summer evenings are perfect for relaxing outdoors, especially when you have your very own backyard retreat to spend doing so. With a custom outdoor kitchen and fire pit space, you can transform any yard into an entertainment and comfort zone. There is just something about roasting hot dogs and smores over an open fire that sets the mood of summer, not to mention being able to kick up your feet and take those much-needed breaks. No matter how extensive your budget or what type of space you may be working with, you are only limited by your imagination.

All you need is a bit of creativity and a few must-have items. To get your outdoor kitchen up and running in no time, here are some helpful tips. A great way to get inspired and find alternative looks is to browse sites like Pinterest. In the world of creativity and home-inspired solutions, this place is the pinnacle for social media. Jot down a few ideas and think of a few design styles that appeal most.

How To Make A Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Hook it up with some patio furniture

You will want to have plenty of room for guests to sit and chat. From the perspective of comfort, folding chairs don’t meet the mark. There are many types of tables, chairs and umbrellas; the best thing to do is to wait a couple months, as this is when retailers sell their excess summer inventory at heavily discounted prices.

Get a grill and a fire pit

Grilling is recommended for large group gatherings, given that you can cook a variety of food in a short amount of time. On the other, a fire pit is the quintessential outdoor accessory for small get-togethers. Just imagine how fun it will be to sit around the “camp” fire and tell ghost stories.

Make an island and make it stone veneer

You have to think a bit differently when it comes to decorating an outdoor kitchen vs. an indoor kitchen. To protect the island from the elements and to keep it maintenance free, stone veneer is the option of choice. It looks great and doesn’t require any upkeep in terms of painting or sealing. After all, what better way to complement your outdoor escape than decorative stone and rock?

Add lighting and tiki torches

Not only does outdoor lighting help you see and entertain at night, it can also look fantastic. Colored LED fixtures have long been a hot commodity for this very reason. As well, torches have the same effect but also ward off pesky insects, namely mosquitoes.


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