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R.H. Peterson realfyre Charred Oak Series

This log set is constructed of superior refractory ceramics to ensure the logs retain their strength at high temperatures. With steel rods inserted in each log, it maximizes reinforcement. Because of the construction radiant heat will be produced during operation and after the set has been turned off.This log set allows you to customize the burning look of the logs by selecting from two different burners and multiple ignition types.

  • G4 Burner: single tube burner; natural gas or propane; safety pilot, auto pilot with remotes and electronic pilot kits available

  • G45 Burner: double tube burner; natural gas or propane; safety pilot, auto pilot with remotes and electronic pilot kits available
Pricing varies by design


R.H. Peterson FIRESIDE Live Oak 68-YE(18”)/64-YE(24”)/63-YE(30”)

The outstanding craftsmanship of Real Fyre captures tradition and quality with the natural realism of the 18-inch Live Oak log set. Gas fireplace logs are convenient and easy to use for most gas fireplaces. The hand painted details are modeled from real world samples, and the high definition bark enhances the natural wood look. The logs are crafted from superior refractory ceramics which provide radiant heat even after the burner has been turned off. Each log has a steel rod insert for maximum reinforcement, and the vented design means they burn efficiently to reduce pollution and protect natural resources. Set Includes: 6 Gas Logs, Sand, Embers, and Burner. The burner has a single burner pipe that allows the flames to dance thru the center of your log set and has a BTU output of 75,000 BTUs. Additional sizes and valve control option with or without remote control available.

Pricing varies by design


Weather Oak Charred, AWO Charred 18/24/30/36/42

The Arizona Weathered Oak Charred collection brings new style and beauty to the Native Series. Like all other collections created by Grand Canyon Gas Logs craftsmen, these logs are cast from real pieces of wood and then hand painted to perfection. However, this collection has an extra step added into the process. After the front logs are found, our craftsmen notch the center of the log and then set the log on fire. The fire burns through the log creating the most desired charred front. Once the logs are cooled, our craftsmen create the mold capturing the charred ends.

Sizes MSRP
18” $539
45” $699
42” $919
45” $1,169
45” $1,469


Arizona Weathered Oak, AWO18/21/24/30/36/42

The Arizona Weathered Oak is Grand Canyon Gas Logs premier set of gas logs. The Arizona Weathered Oak logs are cast from real logs found in nature and then hand painted to bring the natural beauty of the log to life. All of our products tell a story, and the story behind the creation of this set is no different

Sizes MSRP
18” $439
21” $529
24” $649
30” $839
36” $1,119
42” $1,419
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