Ever dream you could own a fireplace, but don’t want to mess with fire wood? Does the thought of real flames roasting in the chimney spark your desire? If so, then you would probably be interested in vented logs. These logs mimic real firewood in that they produce a realistic looking flame. You will get the full effect. The downside to vented logs, however, is that they also share in the energy inefficiency of real firewood.

Realistic Flames

Given that they require a vent (hence the name) or flue to operate, most of the heat will be lost. Make sure your chimney can burn vented logs; if you do not have a flue or opening for the heat to escape, then you should not be using them. Basically, the logs will burn gas that is placed underneath them, which gives the realistic look of glowing red embers that so many people love.

Ignite Easily

Vented logs are capable of producing a significant amount of heat, which can be a benefit for those wanting a hot fire. Bear in mind that most of this will be lost, so if you want to save on your utility bill, these logs will not be the best option. Thus, the perks of owning vented logs are a realistic experience with great heating. Also, you won’t need to worry about going through the hassle of obtaining and chopping firewood. In addition, there is no need to struggle with getting the fire started, as these logs will ignite instantly upon activating the fireplace.

If you want to share in that traditional fireside experience, vented logs are the choice for you. If you are concerned mainly with warmth rather than aesthetic appeal, then consider ventless logs. Choosing one or the other is a matter of preference, but also on the type of fireplace you own.

The Arizona Fireplace’s “Native Series” completes a 10 year quest by the company to bring to our customers the most realistic log offered. The trilogy includes the “Arizona Juniper,” the “Weathered Oak,” and the “Quaking Aspen” (Birch) gas log sets.






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