Wood Fireplaces


Wood fireplaces are good if you enjoy the look, feel and smell of a traditional wood burning fireplace. Wood fireplaces are built with a chimney and can either be free standing or built into a masonry fireplace surround.

If the sight of blazing firewood in a hearth evokes feelings of comfort and warmth, than a wood burning fireplace is the type for you. When you want to keep things traditional, there is nothing better than a traditional wood burner. It may come as a surprise (given the popularity of gas inserts and electric models), but wood types do offer a number of benefits. They are often deemed the least energy-efficient of the trio, and for good reason, but this is only if you think of your heating costs from a one-sided perspective. In all reality, many people save hundreds on their heating bills by using wood burning fireplaces.

If you have access to a cheap or free supply of firewood, than you won’t be spending nearly as much as you would with a gas or electric version. In addition, wood fireplaces are best known for their ability to generate a significant amount of heat. Although it has long been a concern and issue that a majority of this heat is lost up the chimney, many modern wood fireplaces come equipped with built-in fan systems. This works to push the hot air back into the room as it travels up. The cost-savings you can expect to incur when buying one of these will be significant, especially if the home you are heating is large. Here are some of the advantages wood types have over gas and electric models.

The Benefits of Wood Fireplaces

  • A cost-effective and reliable heat source.
  • Many types of wood can be used; hard woods like oak are ideal for producing longer burn cycles.
  • They come in closed and open systems; the former is recommended when you want to maximize heat output, while the latter allows you to see the burning flames in all their mesmerizing glory (believe it or not, this is a top-selling feature for these).
  • They are used for zone heating; wood fireplaces allow you to heat only the rooms that need to be. You will save money and will be making an environmentally friendly investment.





Our Bungalow models set high standards for wood-burning quality, performance, and economy. Though surprisingly economical, 36” and 42” Bungalows have a “big box” look with an oversized brick to brick opening.


The new Craftsman 36” and 42” woodburners are the foundation of Fmi’s new family of fireplaces. Homeowners love these realistic textured brick liners, hidden screen pockets, EZ access damper, outside air control, and gas log ready design.


“Impressive” is perhaps the best description for these massive wood burners. Designed for large, custom applications, the Georgian 36”, 42” and 50” fireplaces feature a full brick to face design with no visible sheet metal. All models come fully insulated with our custom colored and textured refractory brick panels.

Georgian Masonry

Vesta Award-winning Georgian Masonry models were the first to feature our revolutionary, patent pending Mosaic MasonryTM real firebrick lining system.


The new flagship of the Grand Masters Series just might be the perfect manufactured woodburning fireplace. 48” wide and an astounding 42” tall with slant back design. But perhaps most impressive, it includes a hearth floor that’s only 1 ½ inches above the ground. It’s the only UL 127 fireplace with a flush floor finish like the highest quality traditional masonry fireplaces.





Durable, realistic look — With a complete refractory brick lining, the Biltmore’s firebox is easy to clean, and its brick pattern brings a classic style to your hearth. Easy adaptability — With openings for a gas line on either side of the firebox, you can easily add an optional gas log set to your wood-burning fireplace.


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