Fireplace Pet Safety

Fireplace Pet Safety

Sure enough fireplaces add warmth to your home. It is difficult to get past the cold and grey winter months without the earthy glow of fire. Snuggling up with your pets and loved ones in front of the fireplace is just the perfect way to spend an evening. The question however is – how safe are the pets?

Although pets typically try to avoid a place with a live fire – be it a traditional fireplace or an electric one – they still get attracted to the warmth of it during those cold days.

Pet Safety & Precautions to Take with Fireplaces

Traditional Fireplaces
These are typically open which needs to be well guarded so that pets are protected from unforeseen accidents. A rather heavy screen can be put so that they are well separated from the fireplace. The screen should be high and sturdy enough for your pet not to be able to jump over it. The screen should also be heat resistant so that they do not get burnt while accidentally trying to rest against the screen. Often pets try to lean against a wall – in this case the screen – so one needs to take the proper care. Make sure that the pet basket or their bed is kept at a safe distance from the fireplace. Train them to stay away from a live fire.

Newer Fireplaces
The newer styled fireplaces that are available these days have a protective glass covering on them. The problem being that the glass can get somewhat hot. Keep the pets away from it. Also a screen can be used and can be put at a safe distance so that pets don’t come to close to it.

Electric Fireplaces
This is perhaps the best possible option when it comes to fireplaces and having pets at the same time is concerned. Though they can get hot, one can always regulate the heat in case it gets overwhelmingly hot. In addition, they do not let off much heat as would be the case in a traditional fireplace. The good thing about the electric style is that it automatically senses the danger and shuts off during an emergency.

Safety is the most important when it comes to your home and the people or pets living in it. Install a fireplace that will not be a cause of added danger, but serve the purpose it is installed for.

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