Fall Decorations For The Fireplace Mantel

Fall Decorations For The Fireplace Mantel

The basic idea behind a fireplace is to have a source of heat in the coldest of winters. However, today the thought is beyond being utilitarian and is used for decoration purposes as well, considering a fireplace today has become the focal feature in a home.

Keeping the basic function of providing warmth intact, a fireplace can have fall decorations placed to add to the look of your home. The appearance can be changed with the change of season which would certainly add the much needed variety and be the “WOW” in your home.

Fall brings with it a wonderful array of nature’s gift. From Mother Nature’s bounty you can get fall ideas or natural items and can use them in the decor.

6 Fall Decorations to Add to Your Mantel

  • Fall heralds the beginning of lovely smelling pine cones, bright orange pumpkins and gourds. You can accumulate the cones, stain them in different colors and keep them in a tray or a rattan tray on top of the mantel or on the floor. To give it an earthy look, the cones can be left their natural self and brightened up with metallic balls. The pumpkins can be carved and placed with inner lighting to brighten up the room as well.
  • Winter also sees dried branches and twigs almost everywhere. Get a hold of a dried branch and use it in a planter or a vase. It would look lovely to accent it with silver garlands or balls. Simple cotton balls stuck to them would also make them look magical.
  • The fireplace could be kept simple yet bright too. Small accent light strings in different shapes can be hung around the mantel, as well as just thrown around the fireplace on the floor. You can wrap them around the chimneys as well.
  • Bring about an era or a period look to your fireplace, with Christmas family pictures from the generations and alternating it with different sized mirrors. You could hang it with colorful strings from the fireplace or use the wall over the fireplace and create a wall art.
  • One can never go wrong with candles. They bring about an air of sophistication around the room. Different sized candles can be placed asymmetrically, or in conjunction with a dressy candelabra. Place it on top of the mantle with a brocade fabric or a liner for the Victorian look.
  • Take the help of your kids to make colorful tiles that you can then place around the fireplace. It could be theme based and can bring out the beauty of the tiles with bright colors and glitters. What a wonderful way to allow your child to display his or her art, as also work together to beautify your room.

One can try out different kinds of fall decorations when it comes to your fireplace. There are plenty of fall ideas that one can work on. The warm ambiance with exquisite decor can give your home a redefined and a new look.

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