Fall Decorations For The Fireplace Mantel

Fall Decorations For The Fireplace Mantel

The basic idea behind a fireplace is to have a source of heat in the coldest of winters. However, today the thought is beyond being utilitarian and is used for decoration purposes as well, considering a fireplace today has become the focal feature in a home.

Keeping the basic function of providing warmth intact, a fireplace can have fall decorations placed to add to the look of your home. The appearance can be changed with the change of season which would certainly add the much needed variety and be the “WOW” in your home.

Fall brings with it a wonderful array of nature’s gift. From Mother Nature’s bounty you can get fall ideas or natural items and can use them in the decor.

6 Fall Decorations to Add to Your Mantel

  • Fall heralds the beginning of lovely smelling pine cones, bright orange pumpkins and gourds. You can accumulate the cones, stain them in different colors and keep them in a tray or a rattan tray on top of the mantel or on the floor. To give it an earthy look, the cones can be left their natural self and brightened up with metallic balls. The pumpkins can be carved and placed with inner lighting to brighten up the room as well.
  • Winter also sees dried branches and twigs almost everywhere. Get a hold of a dried branch and use it in a planter or a vase. It would look lovely to accent it with silver garlands or balls. Simple cotton balls stuck to them would also make them look magical.
  • The fireplace could be kept simple yet bright too. Small accent light strings in different shapes can be hung around the mantel, as well as just thrown around the fireplace on the floor. You can wrap them around the chimneys as well.
  • Bring about an era or a period look to your fireplace, with Christmas family pictures from the generations and alternating it with different sized mirrors. You could hang it with colorful strings from the fireplace or use the wall over the fireplace and create a wall art.
  • One can never go wrong with candles. They bring about an air of sophistication around the room. Different sized candles can be placed asymmetrically, or in conjunction with a dressy candelabra. Place it on top of the mantle with a brocade fabric or a liner for the Victorian look.
  • Take the help of your kids to make colorful tiles that you can then place around the fireplace. It could be theme based and can bring out the beauty of the tiles with bright colors and glitters. What a wonderful way to allow your child to display his or her art, as also work together to beautify your room.

One can try out different kinds of fall decorations when it comes to your fireplace. There are plenty of fall ideas that one can work on. The warm ambiance with exquisite decor can give your home a redefined and a new look.

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How To Create The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen Fire Pit Area

How To Create The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen Fire Pit Area

Summer evenings are perfect for relaxing outdoors, especially when you have your very own backyard retreat to spend doing so. With a custom outdoor kitchen and fire pit space, you can transform any yard into an entertainment and comfort zone. There is just something about roasting hot dogs and smores over an open fire that sets the mood of summer, not to mention being able to kick up your feet and take those much-needed breaks. No matter how extensive your budget or what type of space you may be working with, you are only limited by your imagination.

All you need is a bit of creativity and a few must-have items. To get your outdoor kitchen up and running in no time, here are some helpful tips. A great way to get inspired and find alternative looks is to browse sites like Pinterest. In the world of creativity and home-inspired solutions, this place is the pinnacle for social media. Jot down a few ideas and think of a few design styles that appeal most.

How To Make A Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Hook it up with some patio furniture

You will want to have plenty of room for guests to sit and chat. From the perspective of comfort, folding chairs don’t meet the mark. There are many types of tables, chairs and umbrellas; the best thing to do is to wait a couple months, as this is when retailers sell their excess summer inventory at heavily discounted prices.

Get a grill and a fire pit

Grilling is recommended for large group gatherings, given that you can cook a variety of food in a short amount of time. On the other, a fire pit is the quintessential outdoor accessory for small get-togethers. Just imagine how fun it will be to sit around the “camp” fire and tell ghost stories.

Make an island and make it stone veneer

You have to think a bit differently when it comes to decorating an outdoor kitchen vs. an indoor kitchen. To protect the island from the elements and to keep it maintenance free, stone veneer is the option of choice. It looks great and doesn’t require any upkeep in terms of painting or sealing. After all, what better way to complement your outdoor escape than decorative stone and rock?

Add lighting and tiki torches

Not only does outdoor lighting help you see and entertain at night, it can also look fantastic. Colored LED fixtures have long been a hot commodity for this very reason. As well, torches have the same effect but also ward off pesky insects, namely mosquitoes.


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Beyond Matches And Lighters

Beyond Matches And Lighters

It is not just in winter that you can enjoy the beauty and the warmth of a fire. Out camping, or simply a fun evening in your backyard, or a pit barbeque would fall flat without a fire. It not only makes the ambience cozy and enjoyable but also provides the light and warmth. What’s more, it becomes the fun element of your gathering.

Now what would you do if you were in a situation where you did not have matches and lighters to ignite the fire? Would that be a dampener to your party/ well no, there are household items and items around your yard that can help ignite fire in no time. However, keep in mind the safety factor.

2 Easy Ways to Light a Fire Without Matches and Lighters:

1. Adhere to the ways of the olden days. Use two flint stones. This could also be replaced by the white pebbles that you see in your front or back yard. Keep rubbing them together for a while. The heat generated will lead to friction and will start a spark. Hold it close to any flammable items and keep sparking. The sparks will catch on and before you know it you will have warm fire to enjoy the evening with.

2. You can also light a fire with the help of an optical lens, more commonly known as a magnifying glass. If in daylight, hold the glass about 4 to 5 inches above the flammable items or the tinder. Let the sun rays pass through it. Keep moving it till the rays look like one straight narrow ray. Once you come to that position hold it steady and the sun rays passing through the lenses will cause a fire.

Once the fire is ignited, you may need to feed the fire for it to catch nicely. Leaving it unattended for a longer period will douse it and gradually cause it to die out.

Don’t Forget Fire Safety

While using fire or trying to ignite fire the unconventional way, you may need to take heed of the fire safety. Make sure that there are no inflammable items like fabrics and dry leaves or twigs around you than those that you intend to burn. Wear cotton clothes and avoid any kind of unnatural or synthetic clothing. Keep water, a sand bucket, blankets and other forms of fire extinguishers close to you, should you need one. Last but not the least, have your phone handy should things go out of hand and you would need to call the fire department for help.

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Child Fireplace Safety

Child Fireplace Safety

You need more effort than just asking your children to not go near the fireplace or attempt at touching it. Children being children, they often forget the prohibitions, and rather indulge in what they are prohibited from doing. The flames, the colors and the concept itself look interesting to them to the point of not being able to resist.

So what remains is for us to take steps and measures that will ensure child fireplace safety even though they may come in close proximity to the fireplace. You should work on the premise that unforeseen or sudden accidents can happen any time. With that said, the measures you adopt need to be such that would provide as much protection as needed to keep your children safe.

Fireplace Safety Tips that Will Provide Much Needed Protection:

  • Make sure that the walls around the fireplace are made with fire resistant material. It might be a small improvement, but one that will be a safety wonder. It is a big safety measure when the embers splutter and hit the wall.
  • Put a fire resistant grill on a net in front of the fireplace. Some of these grills are also heat resistant. So if you have a toddler crawling around the house, and he or she accidentally happens to touch it, it will save them from sudden burns or shocks.
  • These days rather than the conservative fireplace, one can go for the gel fireplaces with a glass door that are also heat resistant. It is a great way to enjoy a fireplace, and at the same time to be protected from hazardous accidents.
  • Look for some instructional videos that you can play for your children. Often visual graphics will help to get the idea across effectively. Sit and explain to them the devastation caused by fire, also the fact that they can hurt themselves.
  • Do what you would expect of them, as in practice what you preach! Follow the safety rules yourself, as they would emulate you in your actions. That is the best way to get them to learn child fireplace safety.
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Travis 6015 HO Linear Gas Fireplace

Advantages Of Gel Fireplaces

Advantages Of Gel Fireplaces

Travis 6015 HO Linear Gas FireplaceWhile caring for the environment at large is important, it is equally important to maintain a good and healthy environment in house as well. This mainly applies if you live in a colder climate zone and have the need of a fireplace almost every day.

It is true that fireplaces provide the much needed warmth and coziness, but at the same time can leave a lot of fumes and smoke that can be harmful if inhaled in an everyday basis. It is definitely not recommended if your household has children. At the same time the irony is that you cannot do without it. The answer to vent less and safe is gel fireplaces, the latest in the line of inventions when it comes to electric kinds. It effectively replaces wood, gas or for that matter propane-led ones. The gel is in fact isopropyl or ethanol alcohol that has been condensed into a gel and therefore to burn as fuel in the fireplaces.

Why Are Gel Fireplaces So Popular?

The most important factor is that it is smokeless and does not emit fumes that can be harmful to one’s health. In addition, it is safe. It has been considered to be a safe fuel replacement for usage in the house or outside. It does not pop embers like log fueled kinds or emit carbon monoxide or nitrogen dioxide. It also does not cause any damage to the environment outside. Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA and the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA have in their study considered and informed the users that gel fuel is safe and harmless, and can be used at any time and without any fear of being affected.

Lastly, gel fireplaces need not be cleaned like the log fireplaces. They last longer and provide warmth for a longer period. In all it is a winner all the way, in terms of safety and convenience.

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