Which Fireplace Is The Right One For You?

Which Fireplace Is The Right One For You?

Arizona Fireplaces loves to offer a wide range of fireplaces to let you decide what will be the right ambiance and heat for your surroundings. Listed below are the different types to choose from, with some benefits and downsides to each selection.


Wood fireplaces are great if you love the traditional look, sound, and smell of a wood-burning fireplace. They are usually with a chimney but can be freestanding as well. They also can be closed or open depending on the heat and visual desired.

Pros- Traditional look and smell

Comforting sound

Only benefits electricity bill

Cons- Needs cleaning

Burns resources

‘No burn days’ apply

Toxic carbon monoxide admittance

A lot of heat can go up the chimney

Can be more hazardous to kids and animals


Gas fireplaces offer more convenience and an efficient use of heat compared to conventional wood-burning fireplaces. Gas fireplaces can be put almost anywhere and started with a controller for instant heat. You also have a lot of looks to choose from depending on what you want to burn, as there are gas friendly wood logs, glass, gel inserts, etc.

Pros- Can be located almost anywhere

No delay with starting up or stopping

Very efficient use of heat

Lower and safer emissions than wood

Cons- ‘No burn days’ still could apply

Gas leaks could occur


Electric fireplace trends are growing. They are a great way to have heat and no maintenance. Similar to gas fireplaces they can also be put anywhere and turned on by a controller. Electric fireplaces only need an outlet to plug into and no resources to burn. They offer the look and warmth of a fire without burning anything and for this reason it is the most ‘green’ fireplace. You also have the option of the look of a fire without heat if preferred.

Pros- ‘No burn days’ do not apply

Most environmentally friendly option

Don’t have to worry flames or toxic gas

No supplies needed

Cons- Not a real fire

Can add to utility bill


Alcohol fireplaces burn special wood and fuel that is smoke free and environmentally friendly. They are easy to set up and a great portable option because no vents are needed. These are usually made with a more contemporary and sleeker design and used more for the look and not their heat admittance.

Pros- Can be set up almost anywhere

Smoke free

Environmentally friendly

Cons– Doesn’t offer as much heat

‘No burn days’ still could apply

No matter what you would like to use to burn we can get you on your way to an amazing fireplace today!

Refinishing Your Fireplace

Refinishing Your Fireplace

Home renovations are steadily becoming more popular among homeowners who want to increase the value and appeal of their home. Anyone who pays attention to modern home design knows that stone and tile surfaces are the top choice for kitchen and bathroom updates, but other areas of a home are often overlooked. Are you looking for the next way to update your home’s appeal? Refinishing your fireplace can add new appeal to your home.

Which design option will work best for your home?

We offer several options to perfectly suit anyone’s design preference.

Stone fireplaces perfectly follow the Southwestern design that Arizona is well known for. You can choose from several stone options which vary from rustic to smooth granite. Anyone who chooses to refinish their fireplace with stone will benefit from a simple cleaning process.

Refinishing your fireplace with tile will provide an appealing pattern with nearly endless custom design options.

Brick is the traditional material that nearly everyone loves to see on a fireplace. Choose from our several brick options to begin enjoying this classic fireplace material.

Are you ready to take the next step toward improving your home? Contact a fireplace design specialist at Arizona Fireplaces today to begin the process of refinishing your fireplace.

The Essential Fireplace Tool Kit

The Essential Fireplace Tool Kit

Having a fireplace is like having an asset at home. It raises the value of your home as well as adds to the esthetics part of it. Along with a fireplace comes the need to own some basic tool kits that will help in using the fireplace all the more better.

The basic fireplace tool kit is composed of a poker, bellows, a pair of tongs, a shovel, and a brush. Typically these kits are made of steel, chrome, iron or brass. What kind of kit one wants depends on the décor and the type of fireplace one owns. It is more of a personal choice. Having said that steel and chrome are preferred choices, given the fact that they do not get rusted, stained or oxidized too easily. It should also be kept in mind that the frequency of use depends on the kind of fireplace one has, and at the same time depends on where one stays. If one stays in regions of extreme cold or predominantly cold weather, the need to use a fireplace is more often in comparison. With that said, the tools also get used much more.

Maintaining their original appearance is not difficult because they require very little cleaning. However, since the tools appearance must match the décor of the fireplace, these tools are usually painted with fire black or enamel coated to give them that rustic, used look.

What Tools are Included in a Fireplace Tool Kit?

– The poker, is a basic tools that is used to poke at the fire, to adjust the wood and to aid in burning right. The poker is a long road with a hook at the end to be able to reach out at the fire.
-Next are the tongs that help to pick up the burning embers that fall out of the fireplace. This helps to do the work without having to use ones hand or touch the embers. The other end of the tongs are made of material that are heat resistant and easy on the hands.
– A bellow is a tool which is not used much these days. They were used to blow at the fire, though rarely used these days and considered obsolete.
– The shovel is used to remove the burnt ashes from the fireplace.
– The brush complements the work by cleaning the fireplace out.

When deciding to buy a new set of tools, one should keep in mind the décor and the look. In addition, the material the tools are made of, should they be used often, should also be a point of consideration.

How To Prepare Your Fireplace For Winter

How To Prepare Your Fireplace For Winter

Winter is quickly approaching, which means that many people will be using their fireplace to keep warm during the cold, dark nights. Make a point of preparing your fireplace for the cold season by following these suggestions to ensure your safety this year.

5 Tips to Prepare Your Fireplace for Winter

Have Your Chimney Cleaned
Particles and dead plant matter which are often flammable build up in chimneys throughout the year. Make a point of hiring a professional chimney sweeper to clean it and inspect the structure for damage.

Check the top of your chimney for bird nests
The top of chimneys are a common area for birds to build nests. Carefully relocate any bird nests that you find on your chimney and surround the opening with a thin wire mesh to keep birds and other critters out.

Repair any damage to your chimney structure
Bricks and the cement that holds them together wears down over time. Repair any damaged areas of your chimney to avoid an unwanted fire.

Have your gas burner inspected
It is important to have each component of a gas fireplace thoroughly cleaned and inspected to ensure that you don’t have a gas leak or any buildup that could cause danger in your home.

Have your smoke detectors and extinguishers serviced
Replace all the batteries in your smoke detectors and have your fire extinguishers professionally inspected to ensure that you are prepared for an unexpected fire in your home.

Contact Arizona Fireplaces for suggestions about reputable fireplace cleaners and repair technicians in your area.

Fireplace Pet Safety

Fireplace Pet Safety

Sure enough fireplaces add warmth to your home. It is difficult to get past the cold and grey winter months without the earthy glow of fire. Snuggling up with your pets and loved ones in front of the fireplace is just the perfect way to spend an evening. The question however is – how safe are the pets?

Although pets typically try to avoid a place with a live fire – be it a traditional fireplace or an electric one – they still get attracted to the warmth of it during those cold days.

Pet Safety & Precautions to Take with Fireplaces

Traditional Fireplaces
These are typically open which needs to be well guarded so that pets are protected from unforeseen accidents. A rather heavy screen can be put so that they are well separated from the fireplace. The screen should be high and sturdy enough for your pet not to be able to jump over it. The screen should also be heat resistant so that they do not get burnt while accidentally trying to rest against the screen. Often pets try to lean against a wall – in this case the screen – so one needs to take the proper care. Make sure that the pet basket or their bed is kept at a safe distance from the fireplace. Train them to stay away from a live fire.

Newer Fireplaces
The newer styled fireplaces that are available these days have a protective glass covering on them. The problem being that the glass can get somewhat hot. Keep the pets away from it. Also a screen can be used and can be put at a safe distance so that pets don’t come to close to it.

Electric Fireplaces
This is perhaps the best possible option when it comes to fireplaces and having pets at the same time is concerned. Though they can get hot, one can always regulate the heat in case it gets overwhelmingly hot. In addition, they do not let off much heat as would be the case in a traditional fireplace. The good thing about the electric style is that it automatically senses the danger and shuts off during an emergency.

Safety is the most important when it comes to your home and the people or pets living in it. Install a fireplace that will not be a cause of added danger, but serve the purpose it is installed for.