Beyond Matches And Lighters

Beyond Matches And Lighters

It is not just in winter that you can enjoy the beauty and the warmth of a fire. Out camping, or simply a fun evening in your backyard, or a pit barbeque would fall flat without a fire. It not only makes the ambience cozy and enjoyable but also provides the light and warmth. What’s more, it becomes the fun element of your gathering.

Now what would you do if you were in a situation where you did not have matches and lighters to ignite the fire? Would that be a dampener to your party/ well no, there are household items and items around your yard that can help ignite fire in no time. However, keep in mind the safety factor.

2 Easy Ways to Light a Fire Without Matches and Lighters:

1. Adhere to the ways of the olden days. Use two flint stones. This could also be replaced by the white pebbles that you see in your front or back yard. Keep rubbing them together for a while. The heat generated will lead to friction and will start a spark. Hold it close to any flammable items and keep sparking. The sparks will catch on and before you know it you will have warm fire to enjoy the evening with.

2. You can also light a fire with the help of an optical lens, more commonly known as a magnifying glass. If in daylight, hold the glass about 4 to 5 inches above the flammable items or the tinder. Let the sun rays pass through it. Keep moving it till the rays look like one straight narrow ray. Once you come to that position hold it steady and the sun rays passing through the lenses will cause a fire.

Once the fire is ignited, you may need to feed the fire for it to catch nicely. Leaving it unattended for a longer period will douse it and gradually cause it to die out.

Don’t Forget Fire Safety

While using fire or trying to ignite fire the unconventional way, you may need to take heed of the fire safety. Make sure that there are no inflammable items like fabrics and dry leaves or twigs around you than those that you intend to burn. Wear cotton clothes and avoid any kind of unnatural or synthetic clothing. Keep water, a sand bucket, blankets and other forms of fire extinguishers close to you, should you need one. Last but not the least, have your phone handy should things go out of hand and you would need to call the fire department for help.

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