Glass fireplace doors are a very popular option for many homeowners, but they take away some of the appealing traits that accompany having a fireplace. Fireplace screens can be a great option for keeping embers inside of the enclosure while also making it possible to enjoy every aspect of sitting near a fire.

Benefits of Screens

  • Increase oxygen flow to burning wood
  • Solid fireplace doors slightly reduce the supply of oxygen to the fire. Screens offer great protection from embers while also increasing air flow to the fire that helps wood burn evenly.

  • Screens help you enjoy using your fireplace
  • One of the main things that many people find appealing is being able to enjoy the scent of burning wood and the heat it exerts.

  • Add appeal to the room
  • Screens are available in many interesting designs which can enhance the qualities of a hearth. Anyone who chooses to use an attractive screen can also enjoy seeing a silhouette of the screen’s pattern being cast onto the floor and opposite wall.

  • Removable
  • Screens can be easily moved away from the fireplace and can be placed in front of glass fireplace doors to enhance ember and smoke protection.


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