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Glass Beads for Your Fireplace

Buying glass beads for your fireplace is a great way to customize the space with your unique design style and taste. They come in a variety of different colors and can be completely customized to your liking. A fireplace does not just need to be functional. A hot fire obviously does offer a great place to cozy up, but you don’t need to sacrifice fashion for purpose. Fireplaces are meant to be focal points in homes anyways, and chances are your guests are going to comment on the appearance of yours. If you want a unit that stands out from the crowd, and that will be sure to be the highlight of any house party, glass beads are a cost-effective way to make this happen.

At Arizona Fireplaces, we offer many different colors, including blue, clear, black and amber (to name a few). If you want to live life on the wild side, you can always decide to mix and match color combinations. For instance, you can either completely mix the beads together to produce a blended effect, or you can situate the colors on opposing sides of the logs. The possibilities truly are endless, so feel free to play around.


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Did you know that fireplace glass beads also serve an important purpose? Here are a couple other reasons why these accessories are not simply a fashion statement (although they certainly do make one).

Benefits of Fireplace Glass Beads

  • More efficient for producing heat than wood logs
  • They are a safer alternative, as they minimize toxic gas emissions
  • Stylish and energy efficient; there is nothing better than that

One of the greatest benefits to using fireplace glass beads over traditional logs is that the former work much better to convert gas into heat. While ceramic logs are much more energy efficient that actual firewood, which creates a vast amount of ash and soot, they are still not as effective for converting heat than glass beads are. This is because glass is a much better conductor of heat; the beads work to burn up all of the gas that is being emitted. When using firewood or ceramic logs, a considerable amount of this gas can be emitted into your home, which presents safety hazards among other concerns.

When you buy glass beads for your fireplace, you are getting the best of both worlds. Their decorative appearance makes them aesthetically pleasing, and their well-designed build means your energy costs are going to be kept down. You can be sure to pay off your investment on glass beads within a few burn cycles, so there really is no reason not to buy them.

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