Wood Grates


One must have accessory for any fireplace is a wood grate. These are the devices you see that hold firewood in place. They offer a number of benefits to users, and come in a few different types. The cost savings alone that a quality wood grate can provide make them more than worth the investment. If this is not enough, they also keep you safe by preventing burning logs from tumbling out of the fireplace. Here are some reasons why you need a grate, as well as the options you can choose from.

The Benefits of Wood Grates

The wood will burn hotter and more thoroughly
Unless you use your fireplace strictly for aesthetic purposes, you are obviously going to want to get the most out of your money. By installing a grate, you are maximizing the burn cycle of the firewood. Due to the breathing room that these devices allow (space for airflow underneath the wood), the results are a more complete burn that produces more heat. These are two factors all fireplace owners should pay attention to. Simply put, if you aren’t using a grate, then you are wasting your money. Firewood is not cheap, so why not make what you do have last?

Wood grates protect the floor of your fireplace from excess heat damage
Wood grates also protect the floor of your fireplace from heat damage that can be caused over time by direct contact with firewood. It may seem odd, but it does happen. Installing a grate can thus extend the life of your fireplace, and prevent problems from occurring down the road.

They help keep smoke and harmful fumes out of your home
In addition to protecting your fireplace, wood grates can also keep you and your family safe by securing firewood. These grates often have arched ends that are designed to trap and center the wood. You won’t need to worry about fire hazards that could result from improper placement.

Makes firewood management easier and they facilitate the lighting process
Lastly, wood grates make maintaining your firewood easier. From the lighting process to management, there is no better way to simplify your fireplace duties than by installing a grate. Grates come in steel, cast iron and grate heaters.


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