If you have a fireplace, you are probably going to need to buy some accessories for it. There are a handful of different products to choose from, and they all serve functional purposes. Here is a list of the most commonly purchased fireplace accessories, as well as why you may want to purchase them.

Wood Grates

Grates are used to place your firewood or logs on. They help keep the bundle situated and the heat distributed evenly. Some fireplaces must have logs in place a certain way, so in this case a grate will be a necessary accessory. Ultimately, you will get a much better burn cycle, as firewood will have room to breathe. Not having a grate means no room for the fire to burn underneath. Grates also allow for a more thorough burn; ash will fall to the bottom, allowing the fire to reach the untouched wood.


Screens are a great way to add some flair to your fireplace. They come in a wide variety of styles, and they are an essential accessory for keeping children and animals safe. They work to keep burning ashes inside the fireplace where they belong. If you don’t have a screen, you are looking at a potential fire hazard.

Glass Doors

Glass doors are another popular safety accessory. They lock in heat which is both good for you and your fireplace. Those without doors can lose a lot of heat that can escape up the chimney. When installed, they work to keep most of the heat inside your home, which is where you want it. Likewise, they prevent accidents from happening. It is not uncommon for logs to shift and fall. A good set of doors can prevent firewood from coming outside the fireplace.


Burners are great for keeping the fire in your fireplace roasting. They make lighting easier and maintain the flame for a much longer period of time. Most of the time burners are built as pans that are installed beneath the logs. Over time they can wear out and require replacement. For this reason, they are more of a necessity than an optional accessory for many people.


You can install decorative glass and rock inside your fireplace as well. This is a great way to add to the existing décor in your home. If you want to make this space stylish and eye-catching, these accessories can certainly get the job done.


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