Originating in 1980 under its founding name Arizona Fasteners Corp, the company began by supplying framing hardware, gun-nails, staples and the fastener needs of the local framing contractors. This original corporation has since grown into 3 separate divisions and two additional manufacturing companies, each serving an important role in the company’s growth, spanning over 3 decades. These separate entities consist of Arizona Fireplaces (2 locations), AF Distributors, AF Steel Fabricators, Modern Flames LLC, and Grand Canyon Gas Logs LLC.

Arizona Fireplaces is a wholesale installing distributor of fireplace equipment to the custom and production home builders, as well as the remodeling contractor. As fireplace products evolved from wood burning to gas and became more complicated, the homebuilders and owners needed a fireplace company that had a highly educated staff to guide them through the sales function installation, final start up, and homeowner orientation. In addition, the Arizona homebuilding industry needed a local supplier, that had large inventories of all types of fireplace products in Phoenix.

Arizona Fireplaces saw the importance to provide a destination to showcase the latest and greatest fireplace brands and models available on the market. This need has resulted in two modern, professional, up to date showrooms that many say are the premier fireplace showrooms in the country. Both locations have over 30 “live-burning” displays and are conveniently located in North Phoenix (101/Cave Creek Rd.) and the other in Phoenix/Tempe area (40th St/Broadway).

Our friendly sales staff will help you determine what works best for your particular home and application. The service and installation team will work closely with the contractor to ensure a proper and safe installation per manufacturer specifications and local codes. We also specialize in gas logs, electric fireplaces, BBQs & supplies, firepits, outdoor heating and an all types of custom fire features. Contact: Don Richardson – President don@arizonafireplaces.com | www.arizonafireplaces.com

AF Distributors – A two-step distributor –supplies fireplace and BBQ equipment to professional Fireplace, Hearth and BBQ dealers throughout the southwest United States. They evolved due to the demand and need of a large distributor of fireplace and BBQ products, that carries large inventories, and are available for immediate delivery. This allows our dealers to better serve their customers, shrinking factory wait times, and reducing costly incoming freight charges across the United States. Founded upon supplying the dealer channel with BBQ equipment, since 2008 AF Distributors has grown into the largest distributor of BBQs, fireplaces, outdoor heating, parts, and accessories in the Southwest region of the United States. With over $5 million of inventory on hand, and same day shipping, they allow their dealers to use the close proximity warehouse space in Phoenix as their own, freeing up valuable capital and storage area for other important business needs. The 100,000 sq ft warehouse allows AF Distributors to provide a wide range of industry leading name brands, as well as offer their new 10,000 sq ft dealer training showroom to keep their dealers up to date with product knowledge, and give them a competitive edge in the marketplace. Contact: Keith Richardson – President keith@afdistributors.com | www.afdistributors.com

AF Steel Fabricators- a commercial and residentially licensed structural steel fabricator – specializes in structural steel, I-Beams, Columns, hangers & caps, among other specialty/custom steel work. AF Steel Fabricators, having moved into their brand-new fabrication plant in 2016, now has the capacity, equipment, manpower, in-house detailing and field crews that allow AF Steel Fabricators to perform at the jobsite, quickly, professionally and coordinated with the contracting community. Working hard for the General Contractor, team work at the jobsite is key to their personality and attitude. Whether the job is a large multi-story commercial building or a stunning custom home, contractors will find a supportive, willing and can-do partner throughout their project. No project is too big or small, which has allowed AF Steel Fabricators to grow into one of the largest, most sought after companies for commercial buildings and custom homes Valley wide. Please ask directly for Bill DeHaven, General Manager AF Steel Fabricators afsteel@arizonafireplaces.com or his office manager, Denise Perry-Williams dperrywilliams@afsteelfab.com with any inquiries. | www.afsteelfab.com

Modern Flames- Electric Fireplace Manufacturer- Founded in 2008, Modern Flames has pioneered the introduction of the contemporary linear electric fireplace throughout North America. Rapidly becoming a favorite of architects, designers, builders, and homeowners, Modern Flames has grown into one of the largest manufacturers of electric fireplaces in the world. Widely considered one of the industries leading technology companies, we are continuing to innovate and push the limits in the industry. Our new “Fusion Fire” steam fireplace contains revolutionary patented technology, which will provide a realistic option to gas fireplaces where gas is not available, not permitted, or where venting of a normal gas fireplace cannot be accomplished. Today, Modern Flames can be enjoyed throughout commercial locations such as Marriott, Wendy’s, CinePlex Entertainment centers, and in over 50,000 residential homes throughout the world. Contact: Kris Richardson – President kris@modernflames.com | www.modernflames.com


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