Fireplaces and Fireplace Accessories in Phoenix, AZ

Arizona Fireplaces was founded in 1980 and remains privately owned and proudly based in Phoenix, Arizona. We grew from its founding entity ‘Arizona Fasteners Corp’ which began by serving the hardware needs of the local home building community.

Today, we are a recognized industry leader and national distributor, supplying and distributing an innovative range of products with life and style in mind. We are honored to serve our community and offer our customers the finest availability of major name brand fireplaces and hearth accessories.

Superior Direct Vent Traditional Fireplace DRT6300


Alcohol Fireplaces – An alcohol burning fireplace is portable and allows for a vent free environment. We offer a wide variety of alcohol burning options for indoor use. If your home didn’t come with one then they are a great solution.

Masonry Fireplaces – A masonry fireplace is a standard wood burning or gas fireplace that is built into a masonry (stone) surround and chimney. They allow for a short burn time, while leaving long lasting heat.

Gas Fireplaces – A gas fireplace offers the look of a real wood one without the hassle. Remote control options make it a top choice for comfort and convenience. They can be integrated into almost anything, wall mounted, or built into a masonry surround.

Wood Fireplaces – A wood fireplace is good if you enjoy the look, feel and smell of a traditional wood burning fireplace. They are built with a chimney and can either be free standing or built into a masonry surround

Outdoor Fireplaces – An outdoor fireplace takes the standard fire pit to the next level. Create a warm and inviting outdoor living area with an outdoor fireplace. Perfect for any family or social gathering.

Electric Fireplaces – An electric fireplace is a cost effective solution to setting up a fireplace in your own home. You can easily move it anywhere in your house where there is an electrical outlet.

Iron Strike Montage Pellet Stove


Gas Stoves – Create a warm room with a timeless look with a freestanding gas stove. Get the look and feel of a traditional wood burning stove with the convenience of gas!

Wood Stoves – Wood burning stoves use real fire fueled by logs to keep the area warm. Wood stoves are a great heat alternative, save on your gas and electric bill during the cold winter with a wood stove.

Pellet Stoves – We are a leading distributor of pellet stoves and accessories. Contact one of our offices for more information.

Superior WRE4500 Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace

Outdoor Living

Fire Pits – Add a custom built fire pit to your backyard and enjoy the outdoor weather year round! We can custom build you a fire pit of your dreams, or chose from one of our standard models.

Outdoor Kitchens – If you like to hold neighborhood cookouts or family gatherings, an outdoor kitchen is perfect for you! We can plan build and install your dream outdoor kitchen at an affordable price!

BBQ Grills – We have a huge line of standard and stainless steel grills. Our grills are perfect for any occasion from cooking dinners to birthday parties and gatherings we have the grill for you.


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